Jasmine with Peppa Pig

Hi! I’m Jasmine.

Welcome to Bearfoot Cubs! This is a space where I want to share products that I have loved as a parent. Products that are of a high quality, and products to make parenting easier, naturally. ‘Coz parenting is hard enough huh!?!!
I created ‘Attipas For Happy Feet’ when I signed up to be an Attipas distributor in 2016. Since then my business has grown and evolved. Since taking on a second brand, Petit Bamboo, and with plans to expand further in the future, it seemed only natural to evolve with a name more fitting for this new venture.
So why Bearfoot Cubs? Who doesn’t love a pun right? Attipas are designed to mimic walking ‘barefoot’ on our little ‘cubs’ feet... and what could be cuter than bear cubs?? It also creates a a nice little cottage industry vibe... which will be part of the evolution in the future. Hello handmade delights!


The five key benefits of wearing Attipas toddler and baby shoes include:
1. Convenience: non-slip and machine-washable
2. Breathable: fine holes that release heat
3. Big Toe Box: allows free toe movement to improve cognitive and motor development
4. Non-toxic: to prevent exposure to potentially harmful materials
5. Lightweight: light and flexible, just like sock
Appointments can also be arranged for a personalised fitting for your little one. Simply send me a message, and I will arrange a time which suits us both.

Petit Bamboo

Petit Bamboo is an Australian-owned fashion label that takes baby’s comfort seriously. All of our items are made from 95% bamboo, which means that they are exceptionally soft, gentle on baby’s skin and hypoallergenic. Bamboo fibre is also naturally thermo-regulating, anti-bacterial and sustainable. Petit Bamboo believes in caring for the planet, mother and baby, all in one.


I will be showcasing the Bearfoot Cubs range at various markets throughout Greater Melbourne.
These include:
All For Kids Markets
Bumble Bee Baby & Kids Markets
Divine Little Markets
Hume Community Markets
The Bell St Mall Pop Up Market
fb.com/events/168082523786448/ (returning in the warmer months)