Wildwood Coats

What could be cosier than running around on a winter's day buttoned up into a blanket?
These fully reversible Wildwood Coats are made from up-cycled, 100% wool, blankets which mean they are both cute and snuggly. Wool is a highly versatile fabric which both insulates and breaths making it perfect for keeping our little cubs warm on those chilly morning play dates.
Each jacket is based on the gorgeous patterns created by Twig and Tale, with a unique Bearfoot Cubs twist. Each jacket is lined in cotton with a cute and complimentary colour tone meaning you could, if you wanted to, turn it inside out and get a whole new look.
As with all our pieces, every one is completely unique with variants in features such as a rounded or pixie hoods, pockets, buttons and event the occasional set of ears (as if our wildlings need to look any cuter). Take a pick from one of our pre-made pieces, or put in a request for a design made just for you.