Cubling Capes

Sit down Red Riding Hood, move over Robin Hood, our Cubling Capes are bringing woodland fashion into the suburbs.

Couple one of these beauties with a basket full of posies, or a teddy bear friend and you have a picture-perfect, fairytale look. However, the Cubling Capes aren't just for good looks and dress-ups. Made from up-cycled, 100% wool blankets, they are perfect for keeping the cold out and the warmth in. With plenty of room to move about, they enable active outdoor play, whilst keeping cosy at the park. 

Each cape design is based off a crafted pattern by INSERT DESIGNER, with a unique Barefoot Cubs twist. Pick a rounded hood or go full pixie with a point, add a pocket, buttons, and even some ears...all the better to hear you with my dears! Choose from one of our pre-made designs, or put in an order for a custom piece, just for you.